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Privacy Policy

Many people who use the web are understandably concerned about what information is collected on them and for what purpose. When visitors view our web pages, we automatically collect data to further improve the website and make it more useful for visitors.

The following information is automatically collected by Google Analytics: (1) the IP address/hostname used to access our website, (2) date of the visit, and (3) the pages that were visited. The IP address under (1) is used only to generate an approximate count of visits. Most IP addresses are allocated dynamically or configured in such a way that they are not traceable to individual users, and we do not use this data for any purpose other than to improve the website. No information such as names or computer content is collected. We do not sell or distribute any web visitor information. Google has more information on how you can control information collected by Google Analytics.

Voluntary Information

Visitors may provide additional information on a voluntary basis. For example, using our contact form requires the submission of a name and email address from the contactor. This information is used solely for the purposes of communication between Courage Fitness Training and the contactor. We do not sell or distribute any email addresses or other personal information. You can request a removal of your input at any time by contacting Courage Fitness Training.